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The kitchen is where we live our lives. It's where we come together not only for cooking and eating, but also for family time.  It can be a place for homework, art projects and parties.  As a professional chef in the test kitchens of Gourmet Magazine, I learned the value of efficient kitchen design, but as a mom I've come to know that providing a backdrop for family life is even more important.  A kitchen should provide us not only with a great space to prepare meals, but also with a venue for the emotional sustenance that strengthens our families. 


When planning a kitchen, the fine details of cabinet design are often overlooked. Cabinets provide the framework for an organized kitchen. Together we will think very specifically about your cooking needs and how you envision your family living in this space.  From this conversation will come a plan for your kitchen and cabinetry that will best facilitate your lifestyle.  

Well considered kitchen design.
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